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I expect that this is more gross than most people want to read, so behind the cut it goes.
I am alive and mostly well. Sometime (at this point it is probably three weeks ago, but it is hard to remember) I did something to one of my fingers and it has been trying to heal. I have used bandaids and liquid bandages, fresh air and washing, and it hasn't been getting better. It bleeds or seeps either once a day or every time I wash my hands (or wash a dish or anything really). The scab alternates between forming and coming off with a distressing regularity. The finger is warm to the touch even when the rest of me is cool (or actually cold - I have been cold most of the last week). My finger is stiff and puffy and nothing else that needs healing seems to be healing either. I have an open blister on my foot, covered with a bandaid so it won't be irritated by shoes and socks. I have a few scrapes on my hands that are mostly OK.

I have been cold, dizzy and occasionally nauseous (mostly just cold with a dose of dizzy).

*sigh* This has been making me grumpy and mental for days. Many days.

on 10 August 2006 17:08 (UTC)
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See a doctor. It sounds like you might have an infection. *hugs*

on 10 August 2006 17:20 (UTC)
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What she said, except that I think 'might' is a bit mild, given that you say your finger is always hot to the touch.

on 10 August 2006 18:13 (UTC)
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IANAD, but go see a doctor. They're right.

on 10 August 2006 17:23 (UTC)
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Call your doctor right now. Or at least some sort of nurse health line.

Puffy warm finger not healing suggests an infection (like my finger that swelled up). Otherwise unwell suggest that more than just your finger might be infected. The longer you wait the harder it will be to get better, and the more expansive it will be.

on 10 August 2006 18:18 (UTC)
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Not to mention possibly expensive as well.

on 10 August 2006 18:49 (UTC)
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Yes. Also that. (Bah, the spell check.)

on 10 August 2006 18:38 (UTC)
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That finger is definitely infected. You need to see a doc ASAP. Nausea, moodiness and dizzyness can be signs of infection as well, especially if it is hitting your bloodstream. Get thyself to a doc VERY soon.

on 10 August 2006 21:59 (UTC)
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I've had finger wounds get infected before, and what you describe sounds -exactly- like that - particularly the "warm to the touch" part. Get thee to a doctor and get some antibiotics ASAP.

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