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And not quite up to snuff.

I've spent the past few days being wobbly and disoriented, but going to work and doing almost all of my normal things anyway (no running, slightly less food). Mostly this takes place when I stand up and try to walk. I feel a bit dizzy and likely to either fall or crash into things. I had this issue a while ago, and was hoping it wouldn't come back. Yesterday, I felt like it was because I didn't eat much on Tuesday. As it is still happening today (albeit less), that's probably not why. Go fig.

So, I'm not going to run game on Friday. I'm going to figure out what I need to do for Saturday, work on homework and generally try and feel better, because work is this huge unending thing this week that is keeping me constantly busy (aka, no, I'm not going home).

Right now, my stomach is just saying that it has had a bit too much tannic (and other) acids and is grumbly. Hopefully everything will be better after my lunch meeting...

on 19 April 2007 16:19 (UTC)
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Ugh. I hope you feel better! Let me know by Saturday if you don't think you'll be up for gaming - since we're down one already, I'd cancel.


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