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I'm running another half marathon this year - actually two. I'm currently training and training (and fundraising) for Boston's Run to Remember at the end of May and for the Napa Valley to Sonoma Half Marathon in July. The Napa Valley Half is part of Team Challenge, so I'm trying to raise money for the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation. I love the fact that I can run, and while I am not the best runner on the block that it is something I can do and see improvement on. Of course, I'm not so good at the fundraising - big surprise there. I was looking at my logs yesterday, and from around the day I signed up for the Team Challenge half marathon, I've run over 43 miles. Not bad for under a month.

This weekend was my first real long run of the season. I trundled along with [ profile] enochs_fable for just over 6 miles. With some moderate improvement and more work under my belt, I'm happily on track for a sub-two hour long race (I love the race projection calculator). Of course, right now I'm feeling a little under the weather, probably due to changes in same or allergies or a cold. I'm hoping to nip this thing in the bud soon, so I'll feel up to taking on my 4 mile run tomorrow morning.

Yeah, running! (And yeah for picking up a new running shoes over the weekend!)
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I am back at the gym (well, at least briefly), but I am not going to Fitcorp anymore. It just doesn't fit in with my commute of doom. So, this morning my body really needed to wake up at 0330, and so I got up and knit briefly. At about 0430 I finished packing up and walked to the gym.

I am mostly fine, but I have an obvious knot just under my left shoulder blade. No real idea why.

But I have burned so many calories that my weight management tracker tool says I can eat another 1960 calories to make my goal for the day. *blink*

Maybe I overdid it some...
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Yesterday, I went with jigglius to The Sports Authority after I got back from a movie...

I wanted to get rollerblades. I have been thinking about this off and on for a number of years. I miss the gym, but I don't have the time to go to the one near work with my schedule. I like to walk, but I don't know anyone who is close by who would enjoy an evening walk. I don't mind DDR, but I don't have a tremendous desire to use it as my primary form of exercise. I want something that I can do with people or by myself.

Most of my forms of exercise are primarily a way of getting from point a to point b.

So, rollerblades.

I am uncoordinated and mostly able to fall on a flat uncluttered surface. After getting them last night, I went out to the parking lot with jigglius and tried to keep myself upright and move on occasion. I fell. Not a lot, but I ache.

We went out again this morning to the parking lot in front of the Best Buy. I fell a few times and cannot seem to make myself stop in a useful manner. I have no idea why I wanted to do this, but having made the purchase do it I will. Even if my butt turns completely black and blue.


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