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Last night was probably the first time in a long time where I was in a game with more fun than angst. BESM is very high on the angst quotient for me (it remains fun, but there is this veil of angst that occasionally obliterates everything else) and Friday nights are often with anger and exasperation (stay on target) in addition to any fun that is had.

The game was silly, but anything that is associated with Red Dwarf should be that way.

The cast of characters are:

Bob (or Techie, aka Technician Number 4): the last human was attempting to improve the stasis machine shortly before the ship went through a 'wormhole' and into a heavy ion storm, etc. Three million years later the radiation level is safe enough for him to leave the machine.

Maybelline: a hologram member of the crew who was part of the ship's small diplomatic group. Sawa was a little out of it, so she wasn't really fleshed out.

Isaac Swiss-Piranha: a wax droid made by Wally (the ship computer), who is an amalgamation of all the historical Isaacs he had on record - partially composed of scented candles.

Coni Glietta: an evolved rabbit (from another dimension) and cosmetologist who works for Avon, experimenting with new makeup blends on humans. She was stuck on the ship, when they used a W.H.A.C.K. drive to leave before the Destroyer, well, destroyed their ship.

I love my character. She is dumb, except where all things makeup are concerned. She has a smattering of skills that are useful, but almost all of which can be applied to makeup in some fashion, and she gets to use seduction skill for good and evil. *exfoliant*
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(or nutcup as my dad would say)

I have a new game that is presumably starting tonight. Light-hearted and relatively free-flowing, it is going to be more episodic than most to capitalize on the GM's strength (in this case, great individual sessions rather than long ranging plots). It is supposed to be like Samurai Jack (passing acquaintance with) or Those Who Hunt Elves (much larger acquaintance with), and generally be silly - almost like Toon.

I keep on looking at my character and thinking that she might be too serious. But how can anyone with a telepathic bunny servant really be that serious?

The character - do not click unless you like boredom )


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