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I don't really LARP just to costume, but sometimes I think I do. I love the creation of random garments (most of which don't see the light of day outside of Halloween and games), the sewing and random decisions of what to wear or what I will do if a certain situation arises.

I spent way more time sewing for this con than I needed to, and while I wouldn't say that any of my costumes were stunning I was pleased with myself.

Friday I was in a Question of Faith, where I felt I was dressed more like a cleric than most of the priests. This was a character that honestly could have done nothing, but I was willing to take my very short character sheet and do the extra work to make stuff happen. There was a player in the game who hadn't done LARP before, so I spent some time giving him an idea of how to make his game experiences more enjoyable. I liked my costume for this game mostly because it was the first time that I had made something without a pattern and had it only look like it was supposed to, but actually really work.

I think knitting has really been helpful to me in this regard. It gives you an organic feel for garment creation. I don't think I have been knitting enough to do freeform knitting per se, but I can translate that into relatively simple sewn garments.

Saturday was a mostly modern clothing day. I had a tank top I decorated for Greater Trumps, where I was more belligerent than normal and mostly avoided the characters that did not appear as active. I was in Boorworms, where I could have been stamped with Wellesley College, Women's Studies on my forehead and had a complete character. I knit for that character and had a good time especially after I died.

Then there was Deceit.

I loved Deceit. I probably should have used my special ability on other people (or at least more frequently), but I didn't really need to in order to get my goals done (or at least passingly done). I was swathed in fabric for that as I had attempted to make a kimono that was more authentic than the ones used in the Mikado. I succeeded mostly based on a few photos and a couple of random diagrams. I will finish sewing that one later to use for regular costuming (and I may shorten the sleeves and use the extra fabric for other things).

I got to see people who I hadn't seen since Intercon C, and I generally didn't sleep or anything for hours upon hours. I am glad I took today off from work to get to do things like some minor cleaning, putting away of costuming, and investigating my new 'sewing machine.'

Oh, and I was really happy that I got to use my back tattoo as part of one of my costumes!
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I am getting a hotel room for Intercon for Friday night (haven't booked yet, but probably in the next 2 weeks). I need a place for changing and stashing of stuff for games on Saturday (as does meranthi, I believe), because I don't have any games on Sunday and plan to leave Saturday night.

Anyone have a bit of space up for grabs? I am planning on T-ing it from Braintree for the con, so I will be fairly thrifty on what I take and how much space I will thus take up with stuff.


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