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It's been a while since I have thought of my job as more fun than you can shake a stick at. Too much of most corporate jobs is drudgery, daily tasks that have to be done but that don't inspire creativity and joy. Processing books is like that, fun to complete but unending, one of the tasks that you never will truly complete.

This week I was given a little bit of nothing to play with: to make catalog searches that could be posted on the Intranet. I have made searches for our M&A titles, periodicals and videos. I know that I understand just enough PHP and SQL to be truly dangerous, but this is mostly like plug and play for me (here are the variables that the program needs, here are the ones we don't need to fill in and can safely remove, etc.). It makes me feel like I could have done computer programming, though I never got past Hello World (in Java and C++ and Basic and, etc.).

I love doing something that makes my brain take even the smallest amount of interest in the area around me, something that makes my brain sparkle with retsin or something. And I got that today, which makes me ecstatic.
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And someone will actually check the catalog for the information they want before asking me a question.

It will be great, because the information is in the catalog.

It will be horrible, because I will never actually know the miracle has occurred.

But it will be a miracle.

And I'm not holding my breath.


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