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I like our customer services reps for this one company...

Their extensions make great cribbage hands (includes face up card):

x67785 and

I like cribbage!
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[sarcasm] Work is currently so exciting I could hardly contain myself. [end sarcasm] I have a boring project, but it is better than the other boring projects. I have been alternating between one and the other all day long.

More alternating. I don't want to go to rehearsal tonight, which is bad of me. It is blocking, which I will need to see, because that is always easier than working from notes, but my lower back hurts. I love the tattooing, but the first couple of days I am just stiff. As jigglius puts it, my skin is like bark, kind of rough and scaly. Makes the entire body operation a little odd. I have about two sessions to go for the main body of the tattoo, but we are already discussing plans to continue it down the legs. I will probably have to invest in very long skirts and pants for that. Work will not appreciate any extra tattooage.

Knitting continues apace. The shrug that I am making to wear to enoch and navs wedding will probably be done in time (if I don't get too distracted by Sudoku or work or going to see Serenity). I don't have rehearsal slated for after Wednesday, so it should be fine.

Random thingie. Lizzielizzie, do you have any teardrop shaped faceted crystal beads (a bit smaller than the size of a thumb)? If you do, then I will be by on Saturday to pick some up. If you don't, then thank you for thinking of it and I will try and get up there anyway to find something that will work for the thingie. Thingie, for those that don't know and for those that don't care, is this in a gorgeous deep teal.


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