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qarylla ([personal profile] qarylla) wrote2007-01-28 04:08 am

it's snowing

A light dusting of snow is coming down. I noticed it sometime shortly after I woke up, and went to one of the other rooms for a better view. My long run is today, and this will be a welcome change. Running in snow isn't necessarily harder than just running in the cold, but it is definitely prettier.

Yesterday's voice lesson was a little odd. Because I don't have a particular piece of music that I know I want to prepare (and for some reason just have a hard time even thinking of the solos in the G&S pieces I've done), the lesson is a bit more focused on producing tone and the physics and physiology of producing the appropriate notes. It's mostly what I need, but she has me practicing with Happy Birthday as one of the songs I have mentioned being acceptable for the audition. I am fairly certain that I will switch from happy birthday to working on the choral music once I have a score. Part of me looks at all of the things I want to do this spring and just sees insanity, but if I get to bed by a certain hour and wake up at something approaching now (4-ish), then I should be able to do school, rehearsal, and exercise (oh, and run a game that doesn't completely bite) without going too mad. I figure I will appreciate spring break more than I ever did in college for the opportunity to not be doing 50 things at once.

[ profile] greenlily, do you have some sheet music for simple vocal pieces (something like the Fur Elize for the voice)? If so, I'd love to borrow a little something. I have one more lesson before the auditions in February.

My mouth is mostly feeling better from the tooth pulling. I didn't want to do anything Saturday morning as there was that stupid dull ache that mostly meant I noticed my jaw constantly. Eating is still a little difficult, but that is mostly because for some reason sandwiches are made huge! The right side of my mouth feels a little bruised from Friday, so eating a standard sub style sandwich is just much harder than normal. I've been drinking a lot more water than normal, because the idea of drinking soda for the last couple of days just felt wrong.

Maybe I'll finish something today. I'll get ready, do my run, and then come back and finish one of the socks from last year or something.

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